Lorna Muir  Founder and Director of 'Lorna Muir Speech Therapy'

Lorna graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2004 with Bsc Honours in Psychology and Speech Pathology.  Lorna has had extensive experience working across NHS, education and private health sector.  Her experience is predominantly with adults and children with acquired neurological communication, cognitive and swallowing difficulties.  Throughout her career she has developed specialties in a number of clinical areas including social communication disorders, speech sound disorders, motor speech disorders and stroke rehabilitation.  

Lorna established 'Lorna Muir Speech Therapy' in 2018 as an independent speech and language therapist providing support within home environment and educational settings.  In August 2020, Lorna opened the clinic in Clarkston, Glasgow.  

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Kirsty Henderson   Specialist Speech and Language Therapist in Adults

Kirsty graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2004 with Bachelors of Science in Speech and Language Pathology.  Kirsty is now a specialist speech and language therapist working in both private and NHS sector. 


Kirsty has worked with adults in both inpatient and outpatient settings in Scotland and New Zealand.  She has developed specialisms in a variety of clinical areas including stroke rehabilitation, brain injury, neuro-surgery, neuro-degenerative disorders, dysphonia, dysfluency, laryngectomy and transgender voice modification.  

Nadine Meaklim    Speech and Language Therapist

Nadine graduated from Newcastle University in 2016 with a first class honours degree in Speech and Language Sciences (BSc Hon). 


Since graduating, Nadine has progressed her career across a variety of settings including NHS and the private sector in the UK and New Zealand.  Her career has focused on working with children with a wide range of speech, language and communication needs, ranging from those with mild to moderate speech and language delay to children presenting with neurodevelopmental disorders, brain injury, hearing loss and selective mutism.  

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Anabel Vollam    Speech and Language Therapist

Anabel graduated from City University in London in 1991 with a first class masters degree in Clinical Communication Studies. 


Since graduating she has worked in England, France and Scotland, both with the NHS and in private practice.


Having now been qualified for 30 years Anabel has gained extensive experience of working with both adults and children of all ages, dealing with a wide variety of disorders both acquired and developmental. Anabel considers her approach to therapy as being very pragmatic and  functional. She likes to use games and props to make therapy activities and tasks interesting, motivating and fun. Anabel has a large family of her own.   

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